Dreaming About Maple Syrup and Possibilities

The following is a total work of fiction. Just think of the possibilities if this really happened!

The year is 2012. It is springtime. Residents of Maple Valley are looking forward to the maple sugaring season simply to release them from their doldrums. Times are hard. Few people are working because gas prices are $6.59 a gallon and no one can afford to drive to work. Homes are in foreclosure. People are looking forward to planting their gardens so they are able to feed their families properly.

But all across Maple Valley, sugar makers are opening their sugar houses, tapping trees and getting ready to make their maple syrup even though no one can afford to buy it.

Several weeks later, the local mad scientist Rufus Rugby is hard at work in his laboratory at Farming Fuels, Inc. His work is frustrating him. He is attempting to discover a way to make gasoline and ethanol run more efficiently in the internal combustion engine. His little test engine is sitting on his workbench purring away and guzzling fuel like the sap running into a 5x14 King evaporator. He takes a break from his work to place a phone call to his friend. Stephanie Thorne, the sugar maker for Trail’s End Maple Syrup.

“How’s your season going?” he asks.

“Fantastic!” comes the reply.

“The sap is running and we are making gobs of syrup! Everyone is exhausted though. I've been boiling for 15 hours straight. Gotta go! I think I’ll take a slug of maple syrup out of the filter tank because THIS TRACTOR NEEDS FUEL!”

Knowing full well that that is a common saying among the workers at Trail’s End Maple Syrup (translation: I’m hungry!) Rufus returned to his work. Suddenly it dawned on him: if maple syrup could fuel mankind, could it be mixed with gasoline?

Minutes later his little test engine was running smoothly on a mixture of 100 parts gasoline and 1 part syrup. And running. And running. Running three times longer as a matter of fact. “Gadzooks!” exclaimed Rufus.

Fast forward to the year 2013. Sugar houses are going up all over Maple Valley. Everyone with a few maple trees in their yard are tapping. It has been learned that only a half pint of maple syrup added to a tank of fuel increases gas mileage by 300%. People are returning to work. Everyone is prospering. Life is good in Maple Valley.

Author’s Note: I challenge someone to make this work of fiction an actual reality.

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