Tapping Tress is Key to Syrup

VERMONTVILLE—The Vermontville Maple Syrup Festival is near, and everyone is busy doing their jobs to make the syrup festival wonderful like every year. Local producers prepare maple syrup for the guests that come to the syrup festival. Everyone enjoys the wonderful maple syrup that is completely pure and healthy.

But do you know where all this maple syrup comes from? The answer is that the people who prepare maple syrup have to work all day and night to make the syrup. The naturual source for making the syrup is the maple trees.

Maple trees have sap in them that is boiled and sent through processing to turn it into syrup. No one knows who actually started taking sap out of the maple trees to make the syrup. Many historians believe that the Native Americans were the first to tap a maple tree and make syrup, but still no one knows exactly how the procedure of boiling the sap came into being.

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