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100% Pure Vermontville Maple Syrup 1/2 Gallon
100% Pure Vermontville Maple Syrup 1 Quart

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Syrup Colors / Grades

As of the 2015 season we have four color names for syrup grades in Michigan. Each color name has been assigned a flavor profile. This reference system is used across North America and Europe. All four colors are considered Grade A regardless of color if:

  • they have clarity,
  • they don't contain off maple flavors,
  • they are accurately brixed

Everything else is considered Grade B. The four Grade A colors and flavors will be labeled as:

Grade Color Flavor Profile
A Golden Delicate
A Amber Rich
A Dark Robust
A Very Dark Strong

Syrups are labeled a reference color until they reach the next lighter reference. For example, an "Amber" will range from Rich to Delicate in flavor. "Golden" will only have a delicate flavor regardless of how light it may be. "Very Dark" equals any color darker than reference color "Dark". Everything darker than "Dark" will have a strong flavor regardless of how dark it may be.

Michigan Maple Syrup Assocation

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